The problem statement is that current encryption technologies have high costs and risk significant end-user productivity impacts. The solution premise is to reduce the effective impact of encryption on utilization and response time to be as close to zero as possible. This allows the introduction of encryption integrated throughout the infrastructure stack, never allowing the data to be "clear" across the application ecosystem.

The finding of this research is that technical solutions to implementing end-to-end always on encryption are available from Oracle and others. These technical solutions use advanced parallel co-processors designed specifically to process encryption and encrypted data in real-time.

Wikibon recommends that large-scale users of high-value applications using Oracle database with high security needs use end-to-end encryption as the most cost effective and most secure architecture. The Oracle SPARC M7-based servers and systems like it that use advanced offload technologies for encryption of systems, and have very low encryption overheads are an important prerequisite for implementing best-of-breed security without impacting business productivity.