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  • A Community Approach to Research

    Wikibon was founded on a community approach to developing and publishing research. The original site,, was designed as a wiki, allowing community members to edit and add to the published research. That community participates in Wikibon surveys.

  • Events, Content & Influencers

    Requests started to pour in for more detailed information – such as forecasts, economic models, survey data and other detailed information, which required greater investment than was possible with the existing Wikibon funding model such as forecasts.

  • Copy, Share & Utilize

    In response, we’ve launched Wikibon Premium - a subscriber-only site within Wikibon that delivers the most in-depth and valuable research to clients. Much of what we produce here will be summarized on the main Wikibon site. However greater access to our detailed analysis will only be available to Premium Subscribers.