Steady progress relative to last survey 18 months ago shows pilots and proofs of concept continue conversion into production applications, with 41% reporting one production deployment, up 10%.

- Like all major enterprise technology adoption lifecycles, customers’ ability to deploy software gated by ability to absorb and assimilate complex software.

- Gating factors to higher growth with on-premises Hadoop, specifically, are high administrative overhead and specialized skills requirement.

Two implicit and major implications in disconnect between 100% headline vendor growth and on-the-ground reality.

- Lots of unconsumed software piling up in “inventory” with customers – just like ERP and enterprise Internet infrastructure adoption bubbles in mid-to-late ‘90s; vendors likely pushing larger deals in order to make economics of direct sales work in an era of subscription software without up-front revenue.

- Hidden challengers, especially as Hadoop moves into mainstream: Hadoop-as-a-Service and cloud native services from AWS, Azure, Google are easier to “consume” because of less demanding administrative and skills overhead.